About UtauLinks

UtauLinks is an UTAU-central site directory hosted on Neocities. Its main goal is gather every UTAU-central site into one place so that it's easier for people to access the content they need. It's inspired by previous site directories back in the day, when search engines weren't a thing.

Each site is organized into the following categories, and usually has a description of what the site is (sometimes coming with their own site button). They are sorted in alphabetical order.

  • Voicebank Distribution
  • UST Distribution
  • Utility Distribution (resamplers, plugins)
  • Tutorials
  • Social Media Platforms

Please inform us of any broken/incorrect links and spelling/grammatical errors if you happen to find one on this site!


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Q: How do I submit my voicebank directory/UST directory/tutorial/utility site to UtauLinks?

Please check our page for the current submission staus!

Q: What are the requirements for getting my site on UtauLinks?

Voicebank Distribution, Information, Merchandise, Community, Social Media - We'll accept any site of the following categories so as long as it's UTAU-related, the link provided is official, and that it has actual content in it. However, we do not accept submissions that have links from the UTAU Wiki (1.0 and 2.0), UTAU Visual Archive, Youtube, Tumblr ask blogs (Tumblr blogs acting as UTAU sites are acceptable), and VocaDB.

UST Distribution, Utility Distribution, Tutorials - Links from file sharing sites, UTAU wikis and databases, blogs, etc. are acceptable, so as long as the link provided is official.

Q: I submitted my site to UtauLinks, and it hasn't shown up yet. Will you add mine in the future?

We are working hard to add all UTAU-related sites we can find, so please wait patiently! We all have busy lives.

Q: Are there any restrictions for when I send my site submission?

Yes, there are additional restrictions set in place. Your site may be rejected from appearing in this directory for the following reasons:

  • Associations with bad parties/being problematic - If we find out that you, the site creator who submitted your site (or Discord server), has connections with people/parties deemed problematic in the UTAU community whom you support or are an overly problematic person in general, your site submission will be automatically rejected and will be added to our blacklist. Note that this restriction only applies to UTAU sites and Discord servers.
  • Confidential information - Sites will be rejected if we find them holding extremely sensitive information in the public space, such as addresses, phone numbers etc. We ask that you remove all sensitive information on your site before submitting.
  • Unofficial link - Sites will be rejected if we find that the link you submitted to us is an unofficial one. We ask that you provide an official link in your submission. If you find that the official link to a site/resource is dead, we ask that you provide us with an official mirror link if possible.

Q: Are you open to any suggestions?

Not yet! We will soon once everything is finalized.